Privacy Fences

A Wide Selection of Privacy Fences for Your Property

When you want to give you and your family the privacy they need, a privacy fence from Globe Fence & Railings Inc. is the perfect option! Privacy from outsiders is the main reason why a privacy fence is your best option. Our fence company is dedicated to give you and your family the security they seek at reasonable price through our products and services.

The Many Benefits of Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are one of the most popular types of fences in the U.S. A good majority of fence installations are used for privacy purposes. There are many advantages to having a privacy fence installed including:

Seclusion – Allow you to have gathering with your family and friends without disturbing neighbors and vice versa.

Boundaries – They provide your children with boundaries and keeps your children in your yard and unwanted strangers out.

Pet Safety – Provide your pets a confined space to run around and play, while still staying on your property.

Home Value – Any kind of fence can increase the value of your home as fences are appealing, add curb appeal and increase safety.

Low Maintenance – With wood privacy fences, minimal maintenance is required. A couple coats of varnish will keep untreated wood safe from the elements and insects.

Wooden privacy fences are especially in high demand because of their natural beauty. Our residential fencing contractors can design a custom wood fence for your property made of cedar, pine or spruce which are all highly-durable and have a long life-span. Get in touch with us today!

 Privacy Fences That Will Give You the Security You Need!

When you enlist in our team to install a privacy fence on to your property, you receive the best services the Westchester, White Plains, Yonkers & Armonk, NY area have to offer. Give us a call today to discuss what kind of privacy fence you are looking to add or to receive information on installation services. When looking for a fence company, Global Fence & Railings Inc. is the one to trust!