Maintaining Your Wood Fence

A wood fence provides a natural look for your property while also proving to provide great function. Choosing to install a wood fence gives you a variety of options to go with for designs. No matter what type of wood fence you need, keeping your wood fence maintained properly is important.

Inspect it

Walk the length of your fence and look for loose nails, rotting or broken pickets, and signs of insects being present. You also want to make sure that bushes, vines and other brush is away from the fence. Also make sure that posts are secure in the ground. A lot of these issues can be an easy fix. Hammering back in the nails and replacing pickets is an easy DIY project.

Routine Washing

Something as small as a regular wash annually can keep your fence in great looking shape and free of mildew. Soak the wood with a special fence or deck wood cleaner. Use a brush to scrub or utilize a pressure washer to clean. Don’t forget to clean the bottom of the fence.


You should be aiming to reseal your wood fences once or twice a year. The most opportune time to reseal is after you paint.  You want to reseal and re-stain to prevent water damage.

Give Our Fence Company a Call

Your wood fences are assets to your home and your property. They play an important role in the landscaping look and function of the yard. With routine care, your wood fences will last a long time and provide you and your home with privacy and protection. Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you the wood fence you have been dreaming of. We are proud to serve the Stamford & Greenwich, CT and Westchester, NY areas.