Different Ways to Spice Up Your Fence

When it comes to your house, the space surrounding it should be warm and inviting, showing off the type of person who lives there. Let’s face it- a boring privacy fence isn’t anyone’s friend. While a fence can potentially raise the value of your home, you don’t need to stick with a boring fence. Adding unique features can transform your privacy fences as well as your whole yard. Here are some ways to give your fence the “pop” you are looking for.


What time of day do you generally use your backyard? If you are like most people, you probably enjoy your yard mostly in the evening after work. This may be the best time to enjoy your patio or deck, especially while entertaining friends and family. Adding lights to your privacy fence will give off just the right amount of light and draw bugs away from where you’re sitting. Choose string lights, lanterns, mason jar lights, and more to add accents to your fence.


Many homeowners use their fence as a way to mark off their garden. However, have you ever thought about adding a garden to your fence? Making a garden wall is a great way to spice up your fence and add creativity to use your green thumb. Spice up your fence by placing planters at alternate heights using painted coffee cans, teacups, buckets, and more. Add vines, hanging baskets, and planter boxes to add a great visual. Depending on the season, you can change the flowers and foliage to suit your personal preference.


Have you ever driven past a fence with a beautiful mural on it and think what a wonderful idea? Adding a mural on your fence can really help personalize the space. Bright colors can help add life to darker spaces. Whether you have artistic skills, or you hand over the paint brushes to your children to create a beautiful piece, murals will enhance your yard and create a great conversation. Painting your fence will not only add life, but it will help protect wood fences from moisture and other damage.


Whether you have extra materials laying around your house or found some great pieces at shops around town, adding artwork to fences can really help spice up your fence. Adding mason jars is a great way to add art/decor especially when you add flowers to them. Metal artwork is another great way to spice up your fence especially if you can upcycle some three-dimensional objects you have laying around or find cheap. Other things like picture frames, wooden letters, shutters, and more will leave your fence looking great!

There is so much possibility when it comes to spicing up your privacy and vinyl fences. You can change up your decor from season to season or to fit your changing interests. When you need a fence company in the Stamford or Greenwich, CT areas, contact the team at Globe Fence & Railings Inc. When you need a new fence to fit your backyard ideas, contact us!

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