Should You Get a Deer Fence?

The Fall is finally here! With the change of seasons, the commencement of deer hunting season also begins. This means that during this time of year, there is an increased amount of deer in their population and you may begin to start seeing them pop up around your neighborhood more often than not. If you’re thinking of installing a fence to keep deer out of your yard this season, you should consider some important factors before investing any money.

Height & Width – With some deer being able to jump up to 8 ft. in the air, your standard fence simply is not going to cut it. You are going to need a fence that is both high enough and wide enough so that the deer cannot jump over. A slanted fence with a 45-degree angle is optimal.

Add to Your Existing Fence – If you already have a standard 4 or 5-foot fence installed in your yard, another option you have is to simply add to that. Instead of investing big bucks in removing your existing fence and then installing a brand new one, you can add additional height to your fence posts.

Deer Netting – Another alternative to try adding some commercial quality deer netting. These are super easy to work with and are an inexpensive alternative to installing a new deer fence. Deer have poor depth perception, so a slight bump into deer netting may startle them and cause them to run off.

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